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Meditation Quotes: Start with meditation …

Meditation Quotes: start with meditation

Start with meditation,
and things will go on growing in you
— silence, serenity, blissfulness, sensitivity.
And whatever comes out of meditation,
try to bring it out in life.

Share it,
because everything shared grows fast.
And when you have reached the point of death,
you will know there is no death.

You can say goodbye,
there is no need for any tears of sadness
— maybe tears of joy, but not of sadness.

But you have to begin from being innocent.

~ Osho

Meditation Quotes: start with meditation


Do you have an opinion about the marvelously controversial Osho?
I followed his career closely, and believe him to be a brilliantly flawed man ….



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  2. S D Ninad

    April 7, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    I personally met Osho in 1975 and spent at least 15 nights with him in darshan with a small group of his disciples in darshan. I also listened to about three months of morning dharma talks. I loved the man! He definitely is one of my root teachers. He was a great speaker and told magnificent stories. I still remember many of them today.

    In 1979, I became disheartened when reports of violent behavior being allowed in the groups at the ashram and never looked back. I still recall the words he said to me on the second day I was there. You can read about it in The Three Treasures – Volume One.

    Blessed Be!

    Ninad – Sound of the Waterfall

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