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Wake Up And Meditate

Begin your meditation right away, as soon as you wake up.

Begin your meditation right away, as soon as you wake up.

To really make meditation a part of your daily life, it is highly recommended that you begin each day by meditating. Not only is first thing in the morning sometimes the easiest time in your day to dedicate, it has the side benefit of helping to begin your day in a beautiful way.

It is really important for you to get enough sleep – so the first thing you want to do is make sure you go to bed on time and get at least 8 or so hours each night.  You also want to stick as much as you can to the same schedule so that getting up in the morning is as easy as possible.

Wake Up And Meditate

  • Wake up early when everything is quiet so you are less likely to be disturbed while meditating. Rise at the same time everyday so that you become accustomed to rising on schedule and are more likely to wake up naturally.
  • Begin meditation audibly as soon as you wake. Get out of bed stand up right away to avoid falling back asleep.
  • Perform isnaan, and take a quick shower or bath. Cold or cool water will help wake you up and keep you alert. Continue your meditation audibly while bathing, tending your hair, and dressing.  (Keep reading here)

Wear comfortable clothing so that you are not restricted and think about having a shawl or wrap of some kind in case you get a little cold.  Make these items part of your ritual, wearing the same clothing or similar pieces so that you know what to expect. Of course, wash these items as necessary!

Avoid artificial light if you can and open a window to allow in light. If the time you are getting up to meditate is still dark, then use a night light behind you or candles to light the area.  Begin your practice by visualizing with your inner eye an object of your choosing.  Then, begin to listen with your inner ear…concentrating on a word or phrase.

Once you begin to see the benefits of this kind of practice, you will find that you crave the start of your day to begin with meditation always!



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1 Comment

  1. dr mani luhadiya

    June 17, 2013 at 6:01 pm

    suggest some meditation tips for anxiety and headache .

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