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These are some well thought out responses to three common myths about meditation techniques. Sometimes when we don’t understand something we mock or make fun of it. As simple as meditation is to do, we don’t really understand a lot of why and how it works. That’s okay, I can drive a car without knowing the details of how and why it works.

Over the years I’ve talked with some of them about yoga and meditation, and I’ve been excited to share what I’m passionate about with them, and enlightened to hear their questions and concerns. Their misconceptions about meditation are

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I think the biggest myth about meditation techniques is that people think you have to be sitting still and perfectly quiet to be doing it right. This is silly, yes some people do meditate that way but there are so many ways to experience deep relaxation and meditation that don’t even involve sitting or quiet, so do a little reading and find out if there is a technique you think would work for you and then try it.


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