How To Meditate

4 Easy Ways to Start Meditating


1403205653159_start-meditatingMeditation has been proven to give numerous benefits to those who practice it. However, beginners often find a hard time trying to make it habit. There are a lot of things that can block you from focusing and meditating. These serve as distractions that take you off your preferred state or throw you off completely.

There are many basic struggles that starters face, but know that there are many stress-free ways to solve them. Here are 4 easy ways to guide you through your first meditation session and block out unwanted disturbances.


Choose the perfect environment that will best suit you.

Your surroundings will have a huge effect on your practice of meditation. When you are in a room cluttered with unnecessary objects that can distract you, don’t be surprised that you will too.

Make your environment warm, cozy and quiet; many usually find scented candles of great help. Having dim lighting also aids in better focus for it blocks out all pointless things and thoughts that take your attention off yourself. Surround your place of meditation with silence. Noise and street ramblings are often the causes of distraction.


Maintain a good form and breathe.

Second step is making yourself comfortable. The lotus position is the most popular form used by people who practice meditation. Sit on the floor cross-legged and place your hands on top of your lap. Close your eyes and breathe. If you find this a difficult position to meditate, there are many other forms you can try.

For someone just starting off, you must always be conscious of your breathing. Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale by your mouth; try making it as natural as possible. Fill your lungs with air with each inhale and slowly exhale so that you make much more room for fresh air to breathe in.


Be aware of yourself and your breaths.

For you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of your mind, you must first learn to focus on your breaths. Doing so can calm and relax you setting you up for a better session. Be mindful of your inhales and exhales and continue it for as long as you must.

There may be times when you find yourself straying your attention elsewhere. Find it in you to bring focus back to your breaths. This can serve as a great test on your willpower to come in and out of your meditation state!


After ending a session, squeeze it in on a daily basis.

This may be the hardest of all four—following through. Once you’ve finished your session for today, make sure you repeat it the next day and the day after that. For you to make meditation a habit, you must exert all efforts to do so.

Start in small minutes. 5 or 6 will be enough especially on your first few days. As you continue on, gradually add more to previous session. By doing this, you are teaching yourself to spend adjust to the time allotted and with no time at all, you will have formed a new habit!

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