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4 Ways to Bring Out the Best Dad in You


1402442446619_father-meditating-with-kidsBeing a father demands a lot nowadays – and with Father’s Day just a couple of short days away, we thought we’d better address how to be the best Dad you can be!

It can be exhausting and dragging some bad days, but it is all worth the love and effort! Kids who are in their growing stage need much attention and care from their parents to help them be confident and strong-willed when they reach adulthood. Some may find this a difficult task, but we’re here to help you if ever you’re finding trouble.

Children all have different personalities and different methods of expressing themselves. The trick to becoming the best dad for them is to not be a one-trick pony. Don’t treat one as you would treat the other. Adapt to how they are and learn to work your way to envelop them with as much love as you possibly can give. In the end, all that really matters is their happiness and yours too.

Here are some great ways to have a healthy relationship with your kids.

When everything is going wrong, meditate.

There will come days when it will be too hard to appease your children. When everything feels wrong and things get tough. Sometimes, all you need to do is take a break and have a moment to yourself. Meditate. Pick yourself back up and re-energize your body once more. A calmer mind can do so many wonders for you especially when you feel like giving up.


Create a deep and personal bond.

In the generation of today, where everything is more convenient when sent through text, it is imperative to have a one-on-one session with your kid. Turn off all gadgets and just focus on each other. Connect with your kid and talk about anything that can range from funny memories to the deep stuff. But, before doing this, make sure you are in a healthy state. Those kinds of moments are what will stay in his/her mind, make it a good one.


Make them feel secure with your touch.

Children can easily freak out about the littlest things. When that happens, make sure to stay by their side and hold them or hug them. Tell them that ‘things will be alright’ and that you got their back. It is important to make them feel secure whenever you are near. Establish as much physical connection with them as you possibly can so that you will become their pillar of comfort.


Guide what they watch and learn.

Many shows and films of today may deliver wrong message to your children. When you are raising them, you want to surround them with a lot of positivity and wisdom. This is very helpful so that they will learn to properly handle life problems that they will soon encounter. Help them solve situations with a little humor and critical thinking. You can do this by letting them watch those which convey a good message.

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