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5 Meditation Techniques for the Starter


1389150366098_Water-meditationThe reason why many starters are intimidated with meditation is lack of knowledge. They restrict themselves unwittingly, not realizing the many techniques available for them. If you find that a particular technique is not working for you either because of a matter of preference or difficulty of understanding, there are other techniques that might be more fitting for you.

1. Vedic Meditation

Vedic meditation finds its origin 5,000 years ago in India. Also known as Transcendental Meditation, Vedic meditation is a type of mantra meditation that is performed for around 20 minutes for two sessions a day. When performing Vedic meditation, you need to block off all negative thoughts and repeat a specific mantra slowly. Doing so will allow your body to reach deep into a meditative state free of any hardships or struggle. If you want a relatively easy but just as enriching meditation experience, Vedic meditation is a top candidate.

2. Primordial Sound Meditation

Like Vedic meditation, Primordial Sound Meditation involves the use of mantras repeated over and over again to still your mind and open yourself to happiness and creativity. The difference lies in the mantra that you will repeat: in Primordial Sound Meditation, the mantra will be assigned to you based on your birthdate. You can start by easing into a state of relaxation, and repeatedly humming to yourself ‘omm’ or ‘so-hum’. Repeat this over a period of 20 minutes and gently let go of any outside noise that is distracting you.

3. Guided Meditation

Another simple meditation technique, Guided Meditation is done with accompanying nature sounds or gentle music. This meditation form allow you to release your thoughts and lets your mind follow the soothing sounds around you. Before starting, you have to be in a comfortable sitting position free of outside distraction. Once you start, it lasts for about five to 20 minutes.

4. Breathing Meditation

One of the more popular meditation techniques, breathing meditation is focused on your breath strokes. With the same goal of focusing your thoughts, breathing meditation is about becoming aware of your breath as you inhale and exhale. The basic method requires you to take 10 slow, deep, and full breaths, with very inhalation reaching deep into your lungs, and your body softening with every exhalation.

5. Walking Meditation

Let your mind wander for 20 minutes, as you perform the walking meditation: a method where you walk aimlessly and simply stay in the present. Pay attention to your feet or legs as you walk about, soak in the sun shining on your skin, and focus on your swaying movements along the process.

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