5 Mindfulness Secrets That Anxiety Doesn’t Want You to Know!

Transform your anxious energy into a force of calm with these 5 effective mindfulness exercises.
Start your path to a peaceful mind today!

5 Ways Mindfulness Can Reduce Anxious Feelings

Jim Van Wyck
Jim writes all the articles on this site.

Let’s take a moment for mindfulness.
It’s the buzzword in wellness for good reason.
Mindfulness wields tools for every mental challenge, particularly anxiety.

When worry encroaches, mindfulness can be transformative. Here we’ll explore five practical mindfulness techniques that can help manage anxiety.

1. Mindful Breathing: The Anchor In Your Anxious Sea

Caught in a whirlwind of thoughts? Turn to mindful breathing. Picture yourself as a serene captain, navigating anxiety’s waves with your breath guiding you.

  • Slow Motion Inhalation: Gently sip air, like through a straw. Feel calmness seep in as your chest and belly expand.
  • The Power Of Pausing: Post-inhalation, pause. This pause is potent, a punctuation in your stress narrative.
  • Breathe Out The Jitters: Exhaling acts as your natural pressure release. Let out a slow whistle, dispelling the steam of anxiety.
  • Breath-Counting Buddy: Count breaths with a companion. Together, journey towards peace.
Mindfulness to reduce anxiety

2. Grounding Techniques: Sensory Safety Nets

Do you often get lost in past or future thoughts? Grounding techniques can bring you back to the now. Utilize your senses as lifelines to the present.

  • Texture Detective: Engage with various textures. They can root you, like a weighted blanket for the spirit.
  • Savor The Flavor: Mindfully consume a raisin or chocolate. Let its taste fill your world, even if just for a moment.
  • A Symphony Of Sounds: Close your eyes, listen to surrounding sounds. Each one contributes to the present’s calming symphony.
mindfulness for anxiety

3. Mindful Observation: The Art Of Noticing

Ever been captivated by the dance of flames? That’s where mindful observation leads. Watch thoughts without intervention, preventing anxiety’s spread.

  • Thought Time-Lapse: Envision your thoughts as a time-lapse. They rush by, but you’re merely an observer.
  • Mental Photography: Picture taking snapshots of your thoughts. They’re present, but you’re selecting what to focus on.

4. Body Scans: Checking In From Head To Toe

Anxiety manifests physically. A body scan is like investigating, locating tension, and intentionally releasing it. Attune to each part of your body, seeking tranquility.

  • The Wave: Visualize a wave of relaxation starting at your feet, ascending, carrying away stress.
  • The Warmth Whisperer: Notice areas of warmth, a relaxation indicator. Revel in it, allowing it to expand.

5. Mindful Movement: Grace In The Tension

Feeling rigid with anxiety? Mindful movement reintroduces fluidity. Move deliberately to the tempo of your breath and heartbeat, painting calm with each motion.

  • Stretch The Stress: Extend your body. With each stretch, bridge the gap from anxiety to calm.
  • Tai Chi Tranquility: Engage in Tai Chi’s graceful flow. Here, anxiety isn’t welcomed.
  • Balance & Breathe: Stand on one leg, find balance, and breathe. It’s a playful focus exercise that sidelines anxiety.


So, we’ve outlined five mindfulness strategies to combat loud anxiety. Discover what resonates with you. Like any skill, these techniques improve with practice. Weave them into your daily life for better anxiety management.

Mindfulness isn’t about eradicating anxiety; it’s about altering your response to it. Remember, you’re the vast sky, and anxiety, just another passing cloud.

Jim Van Wyck
Jim has been teaching meditation, mindfulness, and positive self-talk since 1982, when he was first certified as a Certified TM Teacher. He has trained in Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).

He is co-founder of The Meditation Coach Institute (MCI) and author of MCI’s Mindfulness Coach Certification Training.
Jim is author of the ebook Mindfulness For Beginners.
\Jim writes here at MeditationTechniques.co and at The Self Talk Center.
Jim’s Facebook Group, Meditation Techniques For Beginners, has over 45,000 members and his Facebook page Meditation Techniques Daily has 714,000 followers.

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