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A 5 Minute Guided Meditation: Quick Stress Reliever



Anxious about that project’s impending deadline? Experiencing stress not only at work, but also in your home? Are you craving for a little moment of solitude and peace, but there’s no way to fit that into your already hectic schedule?

Believing that meditation strictly requires a meditation center, teacher, and for you to take a few days off work is a thing of the past. Even meditation experts are doing their practice in their own homes. If your concern is about how much time meditating would cost you, worry no more! This 5 minute guided meditation will help you reduce anxiety and stress in no time at all:

 Getting started (Approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds)

Picture a calming scenery- ocean waves, water falls, and ripples in a lake. Free your mind from all distractions. Let go of all the things that bothers you. Focus your attention on your body- the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe, or the weight of your hand on your knee or lap. Make the conscious decision of allotting this time to reducing stress and anxiety.

Classical Breathing Meditation (Approximately 3 minutes and 30 seconds)

With your intention set, gently bring your awareness to the sensation of breathing in and out. Feel the air as you inhale and exhale- from your nostrils to your lungs. If you find yourself being distracted by a random thought, just bring it back to the breath. Concentrate on this meditation exercise. Let go of you buzzing thoughts. Envelop yourself in the quiet and peace of your mind. Inhale slowly and deeply. Fill your lungs with air. Exhale and just bask in the privacy of your meditating mind.

What’s next?

Before you open your eyes, reflect on this experience. Did you get the peace that you were looking for? Did it give you a few minutes of rest? If yes, then condition your mind to do this regularly. Taking 5 minutes off your schedule to simply relax and unwind will help your replenish the energy that has been drained out by your worries.

Giving yourself 5 minutes to quiet your mind will reap you more benefits than trying to juggle everything at once. Getting that precious alone time will help you enhance your concentration and complete everything that needs to be done. Find yourself a comfortable space, close your eyes and meditate!

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