How To Meditate

5 Minute-Long Meditation Techniques


1393889655085_getting-started-with-meditationLet’s suppose for a few minutes that you really can’t spare 20 minutes or so of your time to meditate. Maybe your daily schedule really is packed with so many appointments, reminders, and tasks that you simply can’t afford to meditate sometime in between. Even though you don’t have all the time in the world, meditation is still totally possible. In fact, what I am about to share to you are five amazingly short but effective meditation techniques that can change your outlook in life and dramatically improve your focus.

1.      Meditate as you park.

While your car is parked at full stop and just before you get out of the vehicle, take 10 full breaths. As you inhale, tell yourself “I am”, and as you exhale, continue with “happy in this moment.”

2.      Affirm yourself.

Instead of singing along to the tunes in your radio while driving, why don’t you change your driving routine a little. Here’s what I propose: say 10 nice things about yourself. Start with whispering these things to yourself, increase the volume as you go along, and don’t hesitate to end the list with a shout.

3.      Find yourself in your favourite vacation spot.

Right after setting your timer for four minutes, grab a pillow, sit on it, and imagine yourself in your favourite vacation spot. Be in the moment and take everything in: the sights, the smells, and the sounds of your getaway spot. Be it the mountainside or the cool tropics, put yourself in that place for all four minutes and simply be in that moment.

4.      Do humming exercises while in the shower.

As you feel the water against your skin in the shower, perform a few humming exercises. One way is to lower your tone note after note until you’re at your deepest. If your tone is low, keep on going one note higher until you’re at your highest tone. Find the optimum tone and hum according to that tone in your next meditation.

5.      Send your love as you meditate.

As you meditate, take around 10 deep breaths. For every inhale, visualize a loved one. As you exhale, imagine yourself sending love from your heart and to wherever you are. Feel the energy leaving your heart and flowing towards their direction.

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