How To Meditate

5 Questions For Yogis to Ask Themselves




If you enjoy practicing yoga of any kind or meditation techniques of any kind, eventually you arrive in place that begins to feel far too routine to have any benefits. The same simple techniques you start out with will no longer seem to challenge you. Should you try a different style of yoga or just change up your instructor?


I’ve been practicing the same types of yoga with the same types of teachers for years because that appealed to me as a beginner–then it became comfortable. But has my practice changed and evolved as much as I have as a person in those eight years?


The article also points to five specific questions each Yogi should ask themselves on a regular basis in order to keep growing and to avoid letting your routine get too stale.

You can spice up your meditation techniques or yoga practice by just renewing your dedication to it or by combining some other technique within.

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