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5 Things My Mom Taught Me About Yoga Meditation Techniques



Getting over your fears is one goal of yoga meditation that can lead to great progrss in building self esteem. Read more to find out what five things a wise mother give over to her daugher. Through mediation techniques and yoga practice you can find the strength to make positive changes.

My mother has never set foot on a yoga mat … but she’s still taught me an incredible amount about the practice.

Here are five wise things my mom told me when I was growing up, and how they’re applicable to my yoga practice today…

1. Can’t never did do nothin’. Sure, this was often my mother’s response to my useless pleas. For example, “Mom, I can’t wear my big sister’s hand-me-downs to school! I’ll be mortified!!” Nevertheless, her insistence that I give things the old college try, whether it was eating my lima beans or cleaning my room, taught me that I’ll never accomplish anything if I’m too scared to try. 

When mom gives you advice, you listen. This is wonderful, classic advice that one daughter took to heart and made part of her life, mom would be very proud.  

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