How To Meditate

7 Meditation Tips

You can make any area of your house "your" meditation spot!

You can make any area of your house “your” meditation spot!

Meditation is not a mere hobby that you can take on whenever you feel like it. It’s a lifelong commitment with immeasurable rewards. If you’re facing too much negativity in life and need to get your focus back, meditation is the best way to strengthen your core. But be careful about all the myths and misinformation surrounding this practice. It’s best for you to know the basics about meditation before anything else.

1.    Find a mediation spot. Meditation is supposed to be a habit. And the best way to start it is by finding a personal spot where you can go to meditate regularly. It can be a corner in your house, your bed, or even a chair.

2.    Mark your spot. Once you’ve identified your personal space, the next part is to ask other people in your home to respect it. Just when you’re about to start meditating, you can put up a sign to ask people to respect your quiet place and to keep quiet.

3.    Learn to “zone out”. Once you’ve been meditating long enough, you will find that you are able to just tune out the noise and activity around you, and enter into a meditative state. It will take a while before you finally learn how to do this, so don’t be frustrated if you can’t do it at first.

4.    Prepare to sacrifice a few extra minutes. Meditating means that you sometimes have to wake up a little earlier or sleep later than usual. But these extra minutes will be worth the sacrifice, considering the several benefits that you will gain in the end.

5.    Do something to stop you from getting restless. Whenever you are getting out of focus, you can stop yourself from being restless by trying some quick stretching exercises. Stretching will relax your body for a long period of time.

6.    Avoid major meals before meditating. Eating can cause a stirring or rumbling in your stomach by the time you meditate. You’d be better off avoiding a major meal right before you meditate.

7.    Wear comfortable clothes. Meditation will be far less effective if you’re not wearing comfortable clothing than if you’re wearing your office clothes. The essence of mediation is going back and reconnecting to your core, and it necessarily means stripping yourself of your numerous “roles”—the employee, the parent, the sibling, the businessman—and simply being yourself.

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