Meditation Techniques

A Field Guide to Qigong – Eastern Meditation Techniques


If you love Qigong or have been curious about it, perhaps thinking of trying it out but don’t know enough about it to decide, then you will like this article. With deep understanding of the topic the author shares with the reader many details about the Qigong practice and the many benefits of meditation techniques.

“She wrote the fundamental guide for women to help in their cultivation of meditation. These practices aim to open the inner channels, and ultimately, to help women attain the grand achievement of immortality. This is a rare, esoteric Qigong system ..”

Read the second part of the article for an explaination of the difference between Qigong and Taiji, a very common question for those who are just starting out. There are over 3000 different styles of Qigong so in order to  begin, seek out an experienced teacher and go to classes. This is the best way.

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