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A Meditation: The 22 Minutes I Disappeared

An article appeared last week featuring the Guru Sri Sri  Ravi Shankar who was in New York to launch a new program which he hopes to teach as many New Yorkers as possible how to meditate. I was hoping someone who was actually there would follow up with an article describing their experience at the group meditation.

“The Guru,” as he is called, traveled from southern India to kick off the “I Meditate NY” campaign, designed to introduce stressed-out New Yorkers to the powers of the ancient practice of meditation.

ABC News

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GITIKA AHUJA, a reporter for ABC News was at the group meditation attended by around 2700 people. Somewhat skeptical that her own brain could shut down and stay quiet and still for 10 whole minutes, she ended up “disappearing for 22 minutes” and still isn’t sure how it happened. Convinced that the benefits of meditation techniques could really help her she is planning on putting time for herself on her schedule more often.

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