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Yoga Meditation Techniques: A Mindful Approach to Stress Reduction

Life comes naturally with it’s share of stress and anxiety, but many people end up creating more stress by linking people and events together. A Mindful Meditation technique will help you focus on you, your life and ways of letting go of stress.Mindfulness is “the practice of cultivating nonjudgmental awareness of one’s present moment experience as it is felt in the body, the mind and emotions,” Hadley said. “It is a powerful way to reduce stress, develop greater balance and gain the ability to respond to life’s challenges with increased flexibility.”While her classes incorporate meditation and yoga techniques, the class is not about relaxation. It’s more about teaching people techniques to cope with stressful situations. “A big part of the classes is making peace with the fact that life is
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Yoga is a powerful combination of physical poses and meditation that stregthen your core and your mind. After years of being unhappy, suffering through a divorce, April Hadley has been a wonderful  inspiration by teaching others what mediation can do for them.

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