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A Practice for Coping With Grief:A Meditation Technique that Remembers the Spirit

Grief over the loss of a loved one is probably the most difficult emotions to live with, and that is what we do for a time, we live with the grief. Yet as time passes, our sadness lessens slightly so that our body and mind can resume with normal life. Meditation techniques that help you relax are useful at this time but be careful if you get too emotional take a break for a while.

It’s possible to meditate and receive comfort in the midst of lingering grief. And, as grief becomes occasional rather than relentless, it’s even possible to rest in the spirit of the person who’s gone, having no agenda for the encounter except

Once we have moved on passed the initial intense pain of mourning and we are able to remember our loved one fondly without breaking down completly, we can begin to use a variety of meditation techniques for short periods of time, on the essence of that person. This article explains how to do that.

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