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Ancient Toltec Guided Meditation Released

Ancient Toltec Guided Meditation

Ancient Toltec Guided MeditationThis ancient Toltec guided meditation was taught to me by the wonderful Miguel Ruiz in the late 1990’s.  Miguel Ruiz is the author of The Four Agreements, which is for me one of the finest books I have ever read.

The Toltecs lived in the Mexican central valley thousands of years ago.  They were very advanced in their psychological and emotional wisdom, and though their cites and civilization have passed away, their wisdom lives on.

This very brief guided meditation packs many powerful Toltec teachings and beliefs.  I have been sharing various versions of this meditation with clients, students, and colleagues for a decade and a half, and it’s always been one of the most powerful and popular guided meditations.


Always listen to this guided meditation with headphones, as it has been specially recorded for headphones.  Never listen to this, or any other guided meditation while you are driving.

Also, I want to point out that there are more than one very surprising moments in this meditation.  Many Native American traditions involve surprising and startling the student to shake them out of their mental state.  They believe that by startling the student there is an opportunity for a new thought to enter the mind.

And it’s not just the Toltecs.

I studied with a Blackfoot medicine man for several years, and he would often sneak up on me and shout WHOOOO at me.  The Trickster is a common character in many North American Native traditions.

I am sure you will enjoy this Ancient Toltec Guided Meditation.

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