Meditation Benefits

Answering Important Questions You Have About Breath Meditation

Breath Meditation

Breath Meditation

We learn how to breathe as early as we are born, and yet we overlook some of the basic things about breathing. Only when we start having difficulty breathing do we realize its value. It’s an essential, if not irremovable, part of breath meditation. When doing breath meditation, we concentrate not on a particular object or in visualization. Rather, you are supposed to bring your attention to just that, breathing, an oft-forgotten function.

What are the benefits of proper breathing?

a.    It makes you a healthier person.

Breathing techniques will optimize your lung capacity, vastly improving your breathing and the overall health of your lung. It can even be used as a health treatment for certain health problems, like emphysema.

b.    Meditation brings your concentration to the fore.

There’s a reason behind the expression “Count to ten.” It helps you connect to your core, calm down, and reduce stress. It will also free your mind of negative thoughts and teaches concentration. Whenever you feel frazzled, counting to ten is an instinctive method that can bring you back to your core.

c.    Meditation relieves you of your stress.

If something is bothering you and you just can’t shrug off your worries, breathing is a good place to start. It will help you rid your mind off unnecessary anxiety and help you be more productive.

How can I meditate?

There are two important aspects in meditation: your seating position and your breathing. Make sure that you are comfortable in your sitting position, whether your legs are crossed or you are sitting straight in a chair, with your feet on the floor.

As for your breathing, you should aim for diaphragmatic breathing, where you breathe through your nose and not your mouth. All throughout, your lower belly and chest must remain motionless. Let your breathing remain natural and smooth.

Remember that the key is focus: don’t make your breathing jerky and controlled. Instead, you must resist the urge to try to exert too much effort and just let everything flow naturally. Feel the sensation coursing through your body—you might not have realized it before, but breathing can be a rewarding experience.

How often should I meditate?

The key to successful meditation is practice. You must dedicate around ten minutes of daily breathing meditation daily, and make it an everyday habit. If you find that the exercise is becoming tedious, you can try other techniques. There are many advanced methods that you can try out. You can also seek a meditation expert, who will guide you through the different sophisticated breathing patterns.

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