Are you in a hurry to master meditation?

Meditation Techniques Of Mind Fitness Training

Here’s a story you may find interesting.  And, if you are in a hurry to master meditation, it will give you something to consider.

Zen Story of a Martial Art student

There is a very famous Zen story of a student who wanted to learn the martial arts. He went to a famous Zen master and asked him “I am a very sincere student and want to learn and master martial arts. How much time it will take me master the martial arts”.
The Zen master replied causally – 10 years.

Meditation Techniques Of Mind Fitness Training

Are you in a hurry to master meditation?

Hearing the Zen master answer, the student said again “I want to learn quicker than this. I will put more effort and will be more regular in my practice. Then how much time it will take me to learn the martial arts”
The Zen master pondered over the question over a while and replied – 20 years.

Moral of the story: Mind is always in hurry to achieve its goals and ambition. In meditation, if we are expecting any result then we are bound to miss meditation. Meditation is all about understanding the mind and witnessing its desires.

Meditation requires our sincerity.

We have to be sincere in meditation but not serious. Meditation should not become another game of our ego. We are not meditating to achieve any thing but to understand our real nature and go beyond the mind. Meditation is the art of witnessing our desires, goals, ambitions and to transcend this ever desiring mind.  Original story here.

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