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The Art of Choosing the Perfect Meditation Space


1386913396577_meditation-spaceOne of the key elements to successful meditation experience is location. Your meditation space is crucial in either optimizing or limiting your session. In order to make the most out of every meditation session, you better choose an exclusive space—an area of respite where you can just get in the zone. Here are a few guidelines that might help.

1. It must be a location of your choice.

While a lush garden overlooking stunning blue waters would be ideal, any other meditation space that gives you peace of mind would be perfect. In fact, it can be a place as personal as your bedroom.

2. Clean the space.

A clean and hygienic space invites a clean mind. Who can possibly channel their focus in a place that’s muddled with dirt?

3. Keep the clean air flowing.

The meditation space must be well-ventilated and allow air to flow through. There’s nothing like the fresh breeze flowing through your face as you meditate.

4. Use pastel colors.

Pastel colors will enhance and soothe the entire experience, as compare to colors that are too bright or dark. Another option is to use wallpapers or curtains made of sheer fabric to add lightness and depth to the room.

5. Make the room well-lit.

If you prefer meditating during the day, you must provide the room with just about enough natural lighting. If meditating in the evening works better for you, dim lights might just do the trick

6. Make the room well-scented.

There’s a variety of aromatic fragrances, like incense sticks and essence oils, that you might want to use as you meditate. You can also use the fragrance as you meditate, or a little before you start.

7. De-clutter the space.

Aside from cleaning the space, you must also keep it clutter-free by removing furniture and other stuff that makes the room look convoluted.

8. Place a mat.

Meditating directly on the floor isn’t exactly a good idea, so you might want to use a soft yoga mat or a low-height mattress, as well as a soft cushion as your backrest.

9. Take your phone away.

If there’s one thing that will keep you from fully meditating, that would be your phone. For the time being, completely disconnect from all outside communication and implement a no-phone zone in your meditation space.

10. Play soft music in the background.

Soft instrumental music can enhance the entire experience. There’s no strict criteria for the type of music you play. As long as it helps you focus and puts you in the zone, then it’s good to go.

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