Self hypnosis can be a very useful tool. By enabling yourself to achieve a deep and open state of awareness you can use it both to achieve a profound state of relaxation or by using focused thoughts or (affirmations) you can guide your mind toward a new and desired thought pattern. There is a lot to be gained by taking a close look at the possibilities.

Hypnotherapy has long been used as a tool to delve into deep reaches in the human psyche which often reveal ingrained concepts which have outlived their usefulness, if the ever had any. This clears the way to achieve goals such overcoming food addiction or smoking, also opening pathways of thought to conquer irrational fears etc. Self hypnosis can yield these same benefits and, with the right practice, enable one to have greater control over their health and their destiny.

One form of self hypnosis is autogenic training. This is a relaxation technique introduced by Johannes Schultz, who based his work on the hypnotist Oskar Vogt. The technique was first published in 1932 and has enjoyed wide use since. The objective in this technique is to restore the balance between the (fight or flight) and the (rest and digest) aspects of the autonomic nervous system. The importance of balance in the stress hormones associated also cannot be overemphasized. The benefits of keeping this balance are: improved digestion, lower blood pressure and heart rate and a strengthened immune system.

As a technique for deep relaxation the methods are applied with just the basic hypnotic suggestions. One way to attain the desired state is to relax your body, imagine a wave or relaxation washing over you, Imagine it beginning at your head and running coolly down through your body, feel it collecting your stressful feelings as it washes bringing cool calm.

Time the waves with your breath and imagine them as one, feel each of your muscles relax as the wave touches and revitalizes them. Next when you feel calm and the flow is even and rhythmic, start suggesting you are sinking even deeper’ it can be as simple as telling yourself your are deeply relaxed, that you are feeling more relaxed with each breath, ever increasing your comfort.

Develop a dialog with yourself and learn what most comforts and relaxes your mind repeat these words and let yourself follow them into deepest repose. Some practitioners advocate an exit routine. Many times people will start themselves into a session with a count down from ten, slowly putting themselves into the proper mind set.

Upon the desired exit they count backwards and walk themselves back up the ladder to full wakefulness. But you could use anything that works. In order not to have to keep a watch on the time you could use a piece of music that would slowly insert itself into your awareness and lead you back gently.

In using these techniques for positive guidance you want to create a “script” that you will use when you reach deepest relaxation. It can be pointed toward whatever goals you have. These techniques have a cumulative effect and it should not be expected that your habits will change in one miraculous burst but rather through a concerted effort and a real desire for change.

It should be noted that when undertaking anything such as self hypnosis that due diligence be put into your research before you venture into the areas discussed in this article. A consultation at least with a professional hypnotherapist would be well advised. It is a journey well worth taking in land well worth exploring, the “uncharted wilderness of the mind.”

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