How To Meditate

Awaken your body and mind with Yoga Nidra


A young woman describes her first experience with Yoga Nidra. While attending a class given by a friend, she discovers a whole new world of peace and tranquility, of non thinking. Yoga Nidra is a combination of yoga and meditation techniques that is like a cosmic deep sleep.

Yoga Nidra what’s that, I thought to myself. (After a bit of googling I was enlightened, Oh! c’mon all of us do it for every little thing these days, but this was something I had never heard of) Yoga Nidra is a unique combination of yoga and meditation

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Yoga Nidra is a powerful way to bring about changes in thinking and behavior. With the focus on releasing old beliefs and patterns and developing new healthier more productive attitudes and actions. This  young woman has found her path, perhaps she can show you the way.

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