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Balance and Heal Your Chakras With Meditation



This meditation walks you through your Chakras, one by one, and focuses you on clearing out each one.  Colors and sounds are used as you begin with the base Chakra.  Each Chakra’s related color and music notes is revealed and you are asked to connect to each in turn and to become aware of how your body feels in each area.

Releasing negative feelings and thoughts associated with each energy center is very important.  The meditation asks you to visualize the release and then a pulling in of positive energy after each release.

As you listen, you are presented with the opportunity to learn about the energies that make up part of your experience here on Earth.  The visualization practice can help you to pull up the colors and notes related to each part of your body at other times when you feel tension, negative emotions or pain.  The more you use visualization, the better you will become at it and it can serve you in other ways and times.  Focusing on your Chakras is a great meditation practice that you can use time and time again to help you quickly tune into your body and to connect to your energy and give yourself a boost when you want and need it.

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