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Best Price Meditation Course

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Lots of people are looking for the the best price meditation course these days.

Taking a meditation course is becoming more and more accepted:

  • teachers are learning and teaching meditation to deal with stress
  •  scientists are studying meditation to uncover hidden health benefits
  • our military is using mindfulness meditation courses to deal with PTSD
  • many doctors are using low cost meditation courses to improve our health care system

In the excerpt below, we see how physicians at McGill University are using an affordable meditation course that teaches doctors some valuable coping skills.

Best Price Meditation Course

best price meditation course

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It’s not easy to work with critically ill children and stressed-out parents. Doctors who work in pediatric-palliative care do it every day. Conversations with parents are often tense; frustrations can boil over – on both sides.

Pediatrician Stephen Liben knew he needed to figure out how to cope better with the stress. The director of pediatric-palliative care at the Montreal Children’s Hospital was finding himself angry or defensive in heated moments with parents.

A calm doctor is a better doctor. He knew he could do better as a physician.

So he decided – reluctantly – to try mindfulness meditation.

McGill University offers such a program for healthcare professionals, and colleagues had spoken highly of it. Liben was skeptical, but willing.

“If you’re finding yourself reacting out of anger or frustration and it has brought neither you nor others around you any happiness or understanding, you start asking yourself: Is there any other way to be in the world other than this reactive way?” Liben said.

Read the original article here

McGill University has discovered that the doctors get so much benefit from learning meditation that they are now providing a mindfulness meditation course as a 4th year elective for medical students.

Patricia Dobkin, a clinical psychologist tenured in the Department of Medicine at McGill University, is responsible for all mindfulnessbased meditation programs in Whole Person Care, which offers a fourth-year elective in which mindfulness is taught to medical students.

Dobkin says that one-onone contact with patients is not always the main stressor, but that interactions between colleagues and changes in the health-care system also contribute to workplace stress.

Before entering the program, physicians and students are gauged for depression or burnout. After the course, they’re tested again. The results routinely show a significant reduction in both ailments and stress in general. Dobkin says feelings of self-compassion and well-being also rise.  See original article here.

Most people looking for the best price meditation course won’t be able to take a meditation course from the Faculty of Medicine at McGill.

That’s why well-known meditation teacher, Dr. Harlan Kilstein created a low cost meditation course that you can try for just one dollar.  It’s called 10 Minutes To Bliss.

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