How To Meditate

Melt Stress Away with Kapalbhati Pranayama


I think the word “stress” has appeared in every post and article on meditation I have ever seen. It is a word we hear all the time, over and over. Alas, we quickly forget the damage it is doing to our mind and body. The effects of stress are long term and very serious. The good news is the human mind has been designed to manage stress in a healthy way, by using meditation techniques.

By Lavanya Srinivasan Published: May 02 2011 Yoga provides a holistic                                approach to manage stress. It combines several stress management                                          techniques such as breathing, meditation in addition to hatha yoga. Stress                          is the byproduct of the present day

The main benefits to using Pranayama is you are really combining relaxation techniques, breathing, meditation and visualization. When you combine these with the physical poses and movements found in yoga, the results are amazing. Try the short breathing technique at the end, there are only three simple steps.

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