Meditation Techniques

Bio-Feedback Methods to Measure Efficacy of Corporate Training


Coming out of the corporate world which is responsible for the most stressful environments workers can be in, is a biofeedback program coming on board with more techniques for their employees to use to reduce stress and improve and measure the efficacy of training.

Some of the tools and techniques include yogic breathing, basic meditation, strategies to breathe right (linked to the role of the person in some cases), control of thoughts and actions for success, guided visualization and anchoring of resourceful

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Bio-Feedback has been used successfully for treating many disorders, and to help make positive changes in behavior or destructive patterns. This study seemed to be quite complex, it seems the more we find out about meditation practices the more we want to know. “Would this be the trend in future? Murali, the Chief Mentor of Breathing Manager sure believes it is.”


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