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Breathing for Relaxation


1400095930033_deep-meditationBreathing is almost always taken for granted for it is such a basic and ordinary everyday thing that we do. But did you know that if you breathe properly it can help you get your mind off stress? Just follow these easy breathing and meditation exercises and give yourself some well-deserved relaxation.

1.                       To start you need to find a comfortable position to sit in. Since this is a relaxation technique it is very important that you are at ease with whatever sitting position you will choose. In any of these positions you must take note that your spine is fully erect in its natural alignment.

You can utilize a yoga block and sit on it with both of your legs folded to your back. You may also sit in the lotus position in which both legs are placed above the thighs and are made to cross with each other. If you are uncomfortable in the lotus position, you may opt to do the half-lotus position in which only one leg is placed above the thighs.

2.                        Place your hands below your belly, near the pelvic area and close your eyes. It’s important to be mindful to your senses – as you take in a deep breath through your nose and down your throat, feel your stomach expand and move outward, and as you exhale feel it recede and relax. Continue breathing in this position for a few repetitions.

3.                       Next you place your hands around your ribcage. You repeat the process of taking in deep breaths and tuning in with your senses. Feel your ribcage expand and fill with air as you inhale; feel it contract as you exhale.

4.                       Then you place your hands on your chest, almost wrapped around your neck. Again, take deep breaths and feel. This time when you exhale, you hear what is called an ujjayi breath which sounds just like tiding oceans.

5.                       Finally, you place your hand into the receiving position, either relaxed on your thighs or slightly brought up, with the thumb and index finger touching. Continue with your deep breaths and being aware with your senses.

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