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Brief Meditation to Fall Asleep


1410499199029_sleep-meditationSleep is the last sentence of your day. Life is a book and turning the page is inevitable. Ending your day in a perfect manner is probably the best way to redeem yourself from all the stressful and exhausting activities you had.

Lack of sleep is a personal experience for me. There are nights that I can’t easily sleep even if I’m physically and mentally exhausted. Meditating to fall asleep has been a very effective technique for me since I tried doing it. The sole purpose of this meditation is to internalize all the positivity and refract the negative thoughts. You must be ready to let go of all surging negativity.

Just follow these steps!

First: You shut your eyelids and create a link between your mind and body. Sleeping is not just for physical rejuvenation. It is also for your mental and emotional rest. You shall remove all negative thoughts and replace them with better ideas.

Second: Recall all the things you accomplished for the day and remember how tiring it was for you and think of the things that you need to accomplish for tomorrow. Even if mistakes were committed, you must make yourself think that your efforts were not wasted and sleep would be your redemption for everything you made possible for the day being. Hence, you must also think of tomorrow as a new goal, and to be able to reach it, and instead of feeling anxious about what may happen, You just need to make yourself believe that whatever will happen the next day is something you need to be prepared for and that you are in need of resting.

Third: After recalling all the things you did for the day and forth telling your goals for tomorrow, it is a must to realize that your mind and body is very essential. You must think that you are a part of nature and all of your actions are entwined with the society. You must always have the idea that what you did for today had an impact in my environment and you have to rest to be able to do it again for tomorrow. You must feel that you’re part of something to refrain yourself to think too much negatively.

Fourth: By the time you finish your thinking, you will already realize that sleeping is something you really deserve. Feel your energy slowly being sucked up by your bed. Let sensations disperse and do not be afraid to fall into the void of your room. Sleep is the division between what you did today and what you will do tomorrow. This thought will make you feel excited to fall asleep and it will just make sense that sleeping is needed to be able to wake up for another tomorrow.

If you’re still awake after everything, you must have failed to remove the negativity of thoughts. If you’re always having a hard time to sleep, you might want to have a consultation with experts. Insomnia has a lot of factors to consider. Staying awake too late and with lack of sleep can deteriorate your health. Don’t hesitate to consult a doctor. Too many thoughts can destroy you mentally. It won’t hurt so bad to try this one when you’re having trouble sleeping and I hope this works for you. Sleep tight!

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