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Buddhist Meditation Techniques: Jeff Bridges Meditates 30 Minutes A Day


Actor and musician Jeff Bridges meditates 30 minutes a day.  Of course, winning an Oscar in 2010 for Crazy Heart brought the meditation practices of Jeff Bridges into greater public awareness.

Jeff Bridges meditates 30 minutes a dayJEFF Bridges meditates almost every day as it brings the right “dynamics” into your life.

The True Grit actor finds the Buddhist practice particularly soothing and it helps give him focus in his personal life and in his work.

“I meditated yesterday morning. I skipped today because I got up late, but it’s very effective for me,” he said.

“It’s good to block out external stimulus for a set amount of time, because, for one thing, it enhances the experience when you are stimulated by something. It brings dynamics to your life.”

Jeff first became interested in meditation in the 70s when he worked with psychoanalyst John Lilly, and was a pioneer of using an isolation tank to meditate.

“He developed the isolation tank and I was one of his subjects when he was experimenting it,” he added.

“The idea was to explore what consciousness is when you take away all of the senses and you’re floating. You discover you that you’re projecting a lot of energy from within you, but normally you can’t distinguish it.” original here

So Jeff Bridges meditates 30 minutes a day because he finds it soothing and it helps him focus.

I am always glad to hear about famous people who meditate, because it helps make the practice more widely known, appreciated and accepted.

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1 Comment

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