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Casey Anthony Learning Buddhist Meditation Techniques


Casey Anthony learning Buddhist meditation techniquesWe don’t usually do a lot of celebrity news coverage here at Meditation – but when I heard about Casey Anthony learning Buddhist meditation techniques, I just had to make a comment here.

I do my best to practice compassion – and boy oh boy, does the thought of a mother cruelly and intentionally killing her baby – that really pushes my buttons.

I also deeply believe that people can change, grow, and redeem themselves from even the most terrible mistakes that they make.

Here’s the article that got me thinking about Casey Anthony learning the Buddhist meditation techniques of Thich Nhat Hanh.

Casey Anthony Learning
Buddhist Meditation Techniques

There are rumors circulating that Casey is now back in Florida, staying near Ocala, possibly with one of her attorneys, Dorothy Clay Sims. The speculation arose when her attorney Jose Baez stated she was in Florida, receiving “spiritual counseling.”  Several sites that have beentracking Casey have made a connection between Baez’s statement and Sims and Anthony.

Sims owns the Vision Farm Retreat and Meditation Center in McIntosh, Florida, and lives approximately 20 miles away in Ocala. Is this where Casey is hanging out until her probation hearing on the 26th?  And what kind of counseling is she receiving? According to an Examiner article, the Vision Farm Retreat and Meditation Center is listed as place for spiritual healing for those who practice Buddhism, especially those who follow Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh.

Buddhism is an Eastern philosophy concerned with transcendence from the wheel of existence and there is a heavy emphasis on mediation and spiritual awakening. Hmm… one has to wonder what Casey’s discovered about her journey through life if this is truly what she’s doing.

What do you think about the possibility of Casey Anthony learning Buddhist meditation techniques?

If you think anybody … even someone why may (or may not) have murdered her own baby … can and should learn meditation, then please click the LIKE button below to spread the message that anybody can learn meditation – even people with the worst reputation.



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