20 Famous Celebrities Who Benefit from Meditation (You Can Too!)


Have you ever thought about being spiritually powerful? Are you still trying to connect with your inner power? For most people, including celebrities, inner power is something that is divine inside you. Some would refer it as the “essence” of who you are or your inner core. Sad to say, a lot of people have lost connection to their inner self while some of us don’t even know that we have one.

We look up to spiritually powerful people. Especially the ones on the big screen. Their lives are more centered and balanced despite their busy schedules. They seem to have guidance, and are more courageous and confident than others. They know their purpose in life and are productive in everything they do. These are just some of the benefits of developing your spirit.

You read about all the scandals that these men and women are up to at the moment. But if you dig deeper, you will be inspired by their personal practices. You will see how meditation affects their triumphant lives in so many ways.

Let us take a look at some of the most influential people as they share tips and hints about meditation.

jennifer.aniston.1.2Actress Jennifer Aniston finds that meditation help her to perform well.   It makes her centered and less stressed. With joy and inner peace everything changes. Starting the day right and ending it peacefully is just a wonderful feeling. Sometimes she feels too lazy or busy to meditate. When commitments cause her to skip her meditation practice, she feels something is lacking.

katy-perry1.2Being as busy and as successful as Katy Perry, who would have thought that she till has time to do meditation? The greatest inspiration for Perry was her ex partner, Russell. She became a believer when she saw how the actor was able to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Meditation  totally changed Russell. Since then she became an advocate of meditation practice. For her birthday in 2012 she made a donation to a meditation foundation.  Instead of getting gifts she gave the gift of educating people on meditation practice. Katy practices every single day, in the morning, for approximately 20 minutes. With all the pressure and stress she faces at work, this is the only time her mind gets its much needed rest. Meditation promotes a positive mood and attitude. She makes sure she has time for this despite her busy schedule.

eva-mendes1.2 Eva Mendes finds meditation helpful to develop a  sense of balance and tranquility. Although she plays strong personalities in movies like “The Fast and the Furious” this beautiful and talented woman also has a soft spot.  For Eva, there is nothing more rewarding than to have a California state of mind after long hours of work. Eva does meditation as it helps her conquer life’s struggles. That feeling of centerdness and  peace brings out the best in her craft as well. New concepts and creative ideas naturally pop out without her noticing. She reads a lot about meditation and enjoys listening to the audio books of her icon, David Lynch. There is something in his voice that she finds calming and mesmerizing.

ariana-grande1.2Singer, Ariana Grande, is one of the brightest starts  in pop music. She feels she has to do meditation to be way ahead in the battle field. This young starlet took Hollywood and the web world by storm. Grande makes sure that she finds time to meditate every single day. Meditation helps this amazing performer to stay focused and let go of things that are not helpful.  Meditation helps her exude positivity in so many ways.  She also uses aromatherapy scents like lavender. She finds this especially helpful to relax and revive after a draining performance.

halle-berry1.2Award winning actress Halle Berry discovered  meditation after her father passed away. It helped her cope with the pain of losing someone important to her. Halle would meditate outdoors, in their gazebo.  By sitting still and imagining her father being there, she is able to hear his words as if her were still alive. Meditation helps her relax and re-connect.

Halle does her meditation along with a prayer. Her trust in the One above is what helps her stay grounded and cope with personal trials.   Halle believes that everybody is a work in progress.  As long as you do your best to feel good and you keep your faith,  everything will be alright.

angelina.jolie.1.2Angelina Jolie, known for her advocacies,  by younger generations. She does promote so many core values in life and one of her activities that people admire is meditation. Being a busy mother to so many youong kids, it is impressive she still finds time to sit down, be quiet, and meditate. This helps her feel relaxed and more productive afterwards. For busy women who are always on the go like Jolie, meditation is  needed to boost  energy!

Jolie does meditation in a different way. Most practice while seated or doing yoga. She considers being with her kids a form of meditation. She sits down with her children and colors or jumps on a trampoline. According to Jolie, if you do something that makes you happy, it reduces stress.  Any form of stress reduction is a form of meditation.

oprah.winfrey.1.2Who does not know Oprah Winfrey? Aside from her popular shows, did you know that she is also an advocate of meditation? If you watch her on TV, you would already know that. She never misses a chance to preach about the pros of doing meditation on a regular basis. In fact, in collaboration with Chopra, she founded a meditation center.

Oprah launched the 21 day meditation challenge. It is a 3 week activity that aims to teach people how to live life with great passion and  abundance. Participants unveil their creativity and mindfulness. They live their dreams and goals, and connect to their inner selves. With this form of meditation, people’s true feeling comes out, paving ways to live a life to its fullest. Part of this online activity is to write a journal everyday about your visions in life. It provides a sense of calmness and strengthen your faith.

ellen.degeneres.1.2Ellen DeGeneres is known for being successful in Hollywood as a talk show host and a comedian. She is also know for her generosity and kind heart. She is also admired for her knowledge in the field of health and meditation. She is an advocate of vegan lifestyle, yoga, and transcendental meditation techniques. She likes meditating because it makes her feel good. It allows her to shut down for a while, rest, and reboot again.

Her greatest inspiration for meditation is also Katy Perry’s ex, Russell Brand. She attends and listens to David Lynch programs as well. According to Ellen, these are the only moments that she can have that feeling of stillness. It helps her think well and enables her to share her true self to her audiences.

Sheryl-Crow-1.2Sheryl Crow is a Grammy Award winning singer, composer, and actress. She is also one of the most influential people in Hollywood. Crow is admired by both her fans and co-celebrities for being so genuinely kind and  peaceful.As Crow would always say on interviews, peace is not just being away from fights and being quiet. It is tapping into your inner self, trying to find your own strength and uniqueness. That is what helps you become at peace and pure. She’s generous and advocates peace in many  ways. She is a woman of beauty, grace, power, and talent.

Crow practices Transcendental Meditation. It helps her process negative happenings in her life and cope with them. She does this twice every single day. One session in the morning and one before she goes to bed.

Nicole-Kidman1.2Nicole Kidman is yet another popular actress that practices Transcendental Meditation. She started doing this in her early adulthood. It is an everyday routine for Kidman. Each session lasts for approximately half an hour. This award winning actress revealed that she meditates with the help of technology. Are you aware there is an app for meditation? Yes, there is! Nicole downloaded an app on her phone. It has a map showing others that are doing meditation right at that same moment. It has a timer as well. This makes her feel more interested as she feels like she is not alone, even if others are miles apart in reality.

Who says men do not meditate?

steve.jobs.1.2The multi-billionaire founder of our favorite Apple devices meditated too! Geniuses and businesses men often have a restless minds. It was definitely hard for Steve Jobs to calm down and not worry about things. He discovered that when he focused and calmed down he was able to tune in to subtle ideas.  His creative mind started to work, blossoming into concepts that are unique.

hugh-Jackman1.2The Woleverine himself, Hugh Jackman is an active meditator since 2012. He has a busy work schedule and does hardcore physical training. He values a healthy lifestyle and manages stress through meditation. He once said that when meditating, he is able to clear  his mind once in a while and let go of everything. When meditating he is not The Wolverine or the actor. He is just a plain beautiful soul. He submerges himself into that source that makes all things possible. Few know that he suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. Meditation helps him relax and cope with it.

paul-mccartney1.1The Beatle, Paul McCartney, is a true advocate of love and peace. This is evident in his music. In his personal life, he practices what he preaches.  McCartney is a meditator. In times of weakness and sadness, meditation is his outlet or form of escape.  He learned about Transcendental Meditation from Yogi, an Indian Sage, in the 1960s. For Paul, this is one of the greatest blessing she received. Something that is intangible and yet you can call on always. Imagine, he is practicing this for over half a century now.

sting1.2Does the rock start Sting look like he is already 60? Definitely not! Sting shares his secret to  looking good despite his busy career and life downfalls. Sting once said that age is finite. Knowing that you are getting old can be depressing at times. But to him, it is  an awakening. A realization that life must be lived to the fullest. Discover and bring out your greatest potential. Hearing that from someone who is a rocker is inspiring, isn’t it?

Sting does yoga to overcome stress of his everyday life. Just like his life as a musician, meditation is a journey as well. One that needs time, dedication, and follow ups. You need to develop it further and learn as you go on. For Sting, meditation is not just repetitions of certain acts. Every session is different from the rest and a whole new experience. It does not end.

orlando-bloom-1.2Orlando Bloom, famous for his roles in “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Lord of the Rings” believes mediation keeps him out of trouble. It helps him avoid the self devastating path common among Hollywood actors and actresses. He strictly follows an effective approach to meditation. He has also adopted Buddhist practices. He finds their philosophies supportive.  With the combination of mediation and buddhism, he finds inner strength and peace.

clint-eastwood-1.2Clint Eastwood, an award winning actor and director, is truly inspiring.  According to Clint, despite his age, he has never felt stronger.  He would like to think that meditation is what gives him this sense of fulfillment.  This veteran actor meditates twice daily. He has been practicing meditation for 40 long years now.

Meditation makes Clint happy. Having said that, he has remained focused in knowing his purposes in life. Being at peace allowed him to become more creative. Life for Clint is meant to be lived happily with less stress and chaos. By meditating, he is able to see and feel the essence of human life.

Arnold-Schwarzenegger-1.2Arnold Schwarzenegger, body builder, actor and politician, is not someone you’d expect to find in a lotus position.  But yes, the former body builder spends regular quiet time. Becoming still and centered makes you realize that there is more to life than what is seen by the naked eye. Meditation helps boost internal energy. It’s a level that no food, supplement, or drink can give. Becoming focused and calm makes you do things better; way beyond than what you expected.

Not only actors and singers do meditation, sportsmen do as well! Health benefits of meditation include improved immunity, stamina, and emotional balance.  Some of the best athletes meditate as a regular part of their training.

Lebron-James-1.2The superstar basketball player, Lebron James, has many trophies under his belt.  Everybody sees him as someone who is tough and skilled. Little do people know that Lebron tries to slow down a bit and gain perspective. Sometimes during timeouts he closes his eyes and take a moment of silence to meditate and refocus. This helps him come out with more strength, making the game much easier for him to win with the help of his teammates.

Novak-Djokovic1.2Novak Djokovic, the top professional tennis player in the world meditates. He believes it keeps him in optimal shape. For Novak, meditation is his private escape. He sees everything as beautiful and calm.  He believes it makes him more pleasant to be around.

Tiger-Woods1.2Tiger Woods grew up with his Thai mom and was exposed to Buddhism culture. This influenced him as a child. Now he has gone back to his spiritual roots and practices. Woods professed that he regained his passion to meditate. He practices religiously and has made it part of his daily routine. He believes that to become successful and completely happy, you need to work for it.  You need to dig deep within your soul.

Meditation is for everyone. You don’t have to be a celebrity. You don’t have to have a busy lifestyle. But there is one thing we cannot deny – we will be in good company if we practice meditation. These famous people stay grounded and connected to their true beings. It helps them get their acts together.

katy-perry1.2If you would like to learn more about meditation, you will love our article about Famous People Who Practice Meditation.


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