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Christina Applegate Walks Away From Strict Meditation Regime



In this video, we hear that Christina Applegate at one point in her life subscribed to a rather strict meditation regime – where she did not even feel comfortable leaving the house without her daily practice.  Her lifelong spiritual and mediation routine hit a wall, however, when she found out she had breast cancer.   She admits that she pretty much just walked away from her regular practice and found herself angry.

This is a pretty normal reaction and is not surprising.  Why? Because when you think that you are doing something that is supposed to be good for you and is supposed to help ward off illness and align you with spirit, how can bad things still happen to you?  These are legitimate questions, and ironically, can often be answered with an evaluation of where you find yourself.  This evaluation can be done through meditation.

Christina’s training held her up in the end.  She explains that the spiritual and meditative thinking and way of being is so ingrained in her that it was able to bring her back from some crazy thinking and disruptive attitudes.  This is the true beauty of meditation.  With regular practice, it becomes a part of you and will help you in times of need.  This is the goal.  This is its purpose.  Even when you are not in alignment with who you really are and are feeling discordant, the core of your spirit shows its strength.

You can start small.  Try 10 Minutes to Bliss to begin your mediation practice.  Let us know if you have questions!

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