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City Room: Seeking Bliss Among the Honks and Hisses

Mr. Shankar was in town to offer a workshop to inaugurate the program I Meditate NY, which provides meditation classes to deal with city stress. On Sunday, he conducted a program for 2700 people at Avery Fisher Hall. “There is so much energy here you need help to cope with it all.  

The guru smiled broadly — he always seems to be smiling — and ambled up Broadway, dressed in sandals, a flowing, white robe, and a tan, wool scarf. He has a full, dark head of hair and beard, and suffice to say, he stands out even in a crowded Times Square.

New York Times (blog)

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Is it possible to turn down the stress of living in New York City? Millions love living in the city but at times it can be overwhelming just taking the subway. A new meditation techniques workshop called IMeditate NY is hoping to help New Yorkers learn to meditate, even on the go if needed.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar reveled in the vibes and energy he was picking up from the ordinary people and sights of the city. He was all smiles as he wandered Times Square, greeted warmly by his fans and followers.


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