How To Meditate

College students use Sahaja Yoga Meditation for Stress-Reduction and to Feel More Joy in life


Often students don’t realize how much the stress is actually affecting them. Stress can cause sleep disorders, eating disorders, depression, loss of interest, poor focus and mood swings just to name a few. We usually turn to a friend or teacher for advice, which usually turns out to be “find a way to de-stress”…College is the time when a large number of people experiement with some form of mediation or self hypnosis.

Are you feeling stressed out lately by your college classes and all the pressures of college life in general?ᅠ Sahaja Yoga Meditation can definitely help you.ᅠ In some colleges in the USA, Sahaja Meditation is being offered as part of the college curriculum for FYE – Freshman Year Seminar, in college courses in the social sciences and liberal arts, and in college clubs as well.ᅠ Sahaja Meditation can help you have a more enjoyable experience in college, there is no doubt about that. Here are some real life examples of students who have improved their college experience andᅠ general appr…

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Read about some college students who have found an ancient way to manage stress and cope with sadness and depression. The old saying goes “if it feels good, do it, if it don’t just let it lie”. It’s a good thing when people can do something that feels so good and is good for them too! Sahaja meditation is so good for the body and soul.

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