How To Meditate

Contemplation or Meditation?


Sometimes it is difficult to explain a spiritual experience, to put just the right words together to make someone else understand what you feel at that moment, when you are having rare and powerful insight, when you have the answers to your own questions.

Commonly we hear someone say, “I’ll have to meditate on it,” meaning that some idea or situation needs deeper reflection. Shouldn’t this really be called contemplation? Perhaps the distinction doesn’t need to be drawn too strictly.

Something may be glimpsed behind the screen of thought, a sense that you had entered a deeper reality. Next, you may sense a hidden presence that cannot be described but can still be felt. Grief may give way to joy. Awe may give way to ecstasy, wonder to a sense of lightness or floating. These changes signal the approach of the soul. They transform an everyday idea into something rarefied and pure.

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A Christian meditation could include a prayer, a song, a chant, a blessing, a ritual or any combination of these elements. It doesn’t matter how it happens, the more people who reflect on and bring kindness in their heart and help others do the same is a great thing to pay forward.

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