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Cultivate “Heartfulness” With Jon Kabat-Zinn



Jon Kabbat-Zinn is a well known and respected scientist and mindfulness meditation teacher.  In this video, he explains how the word for mind in Asian languages is also the same for ‘heart’.  This helps us to gain a new perspective on what the basis of the mindfulness practice is really all about.  This is not simply a cognitive approach, but one that also includes the participation of the heart as well.  Going into an awareness that is from the heart is considered an additional sense.  This is what is sought in a mindfulness practice…a tapping into that awareness that is beyond our idea of ‘reality’.

The movement toward cultivating mindfulness (and thus ‘heartfulness’ ) is a worthy and beautiful pursuit and if this is something you have been working on, you are certainly not alone!  Sites like this one seek to spread the word about meditation and mindfulness because of the many benefits that this kind of awareness can bring not only to your life, but to the planet as a whole.

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