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Deep meditation: Get Acquainted with Edgar Cayce’s Spiritual Technique


1383612547985_peaceful-contemplationOne of the most popular meditation techniques is the one pioneered by Edgar Cayce. A technique that he himself created and regularly practices up to know, the strength of the method is in helping the meditator get into a spiritual state. This deep meditation technique requires you to either sit down or lie on your back, and reach deep within yourself, using your “imaginative forces” to journey into the three stages of transition.

Step 1: Remove the earthly part of your being from your body.

This involves imagining the earthly aspects of yourself get suspended from your body. Imagine your outer personality move out form your body and simply get suspended over you throughout the duration of the body. It’s as if you will be removing the worldly and materialistic parts of yourself and simply get back to your core.

Step 2: Allow your mind and soul to take control of our physical body.

Once you’ve removed the parts of yourself that are concerned with materialism, proceed to allowing your physical body to be subjugated by your mind and soul. This can be a real challenge, surrendering your body to your subconscious. But once you do, you will notice that your breathing will shift to a slow and steady slur, as if you’re about to fall asleep.

Step 3: Let your soul arise and enter the universal mind and spirit of God.

This may sound a bit complicated, but it’s all a matter of allowing yourself to experience an almost out-of-body experience where you will ascend to the level of spiritual dominance. It is about being one in the universal spirit and mind of God, where you will feel yourself expanding and almost levitating upward.  At this stage, you go through different levels of consciousness, from finite understanding to universal perception.

Step 4: Leave the finite self.

At this point, you are already connected with the universal God. No, this does not refer to the God religious speak of, but the God of the cosmos. This refers to leaving your individuality to enter into a heightened sense of universal awareness. At this point, it’s about imagining what God is like in all His or Her infinite Being.

Step 5: Connect.

Now you can’t afford to hold back. Allow yourself to completely connect with God and give all your power to the Presence.

As you can see, this technique is highly spiritual. If you truly want an exhilarating and spiritually rewarding meditation experience, this is one technique that you should definitely try out for yourself.

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