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Deepak’s Meditation Truth


“Meditation is effortless…” says Deepak Chopra in this introduction to meditation video.  The natural observance of the moment, of the ‘now’ is what meditation is all about.  When you close your eyes and allow your mind to quiet down, that is mediation and it does not require any kind of effort at all.  Th issue that many people have is in the ‘allowing’ of the moment to happen.

We have been conditioned over the years to always be DOING something and yet, this is not the natural state of our minds.  Chopra points out that many people have problems when it comes to allowing themselves to feel the effortlessness of the moment.  As children, we do this and don’t even realize it.  Playing and simply being aware of and involved in each moment is a meditative state itself.

Do you find yourself having problems ‘allowing’ your mind to simply be quiet?  You are certainly not alone – but this video from Deepak Chopra points out that there are many forms of meditation and really the idea is to be fully present in each moment and not worrying or even thinking about the past or the future.

Play like you used to…live for right now only…tap into your inner child and suddenly, meditation will be your way of life!

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