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Demi Lovato Meditates For Anxiety


It sounds like meditation has helped Demi Lovato find balance and a way to deal with her anxiety.

You may remember a couple of years back when singer/actress Demi Lovato was checked into rehab.  This came as a shock to many of her fans, but Lovato soon began to discuss her issues with anxiety and the different ways it was affecting her.  Stress and anxiety can really cause a lot of damage if you do not possess any coping skills and if you do not know how to deal with pressure.  Understanding that there must be balance in your life is the first step.  But how do you get and maintain that balance?

There are many things that you can do, one of which is learning to meditate.  Playing sports or participating in activities that you thoroughly enjoy and that are not ‘work’ of any kind can also help.  This could be anything from painting to joining a book club etc.  But many people are turning to meditation as they find that it helps to ground them and bring them back to their center.  This happened for Lovato as she entered rehab to deal with issues involving a bipolar disorder and a self harming routine she used to deal with anxiety.  The Daily Dish reported on this preceding her stint on the show “The X Factor” and had the following to say regarding Lovato.

Demi Lovato Meditates For Anxiety

Lovato has since landed a new job as a judge on “The X Factor” and embraced a healthy new lifestyle regime, which includes meditation and giving up her cell phone.

She tells Self magazine, “I make time for myself and meditate. I’ve spent the past two years getting over an eating disorder and issues like self-harming and bipolar disorder. I have to work on this stuff every day. I’m reminded of that whenever I eat or feel down… (Read more here)

It can certainly be an ongoing battle to maintain that balance, but it is worth it as only good things come when balance is maintained.  So many practitioners of meditation know that it is a slow and steady process, but when the benefits start to show up it really makes all the difference.  Lovato also went on to say that she struggled with relating to people and that she used cutting to help release then tension that was built up inside her.  With meditation, you learn how to release tension and to allow your mind to connect to something greater.

This release and allowing is what makes meditation so powerful.  By connecting to your higher self, you regain a sense of calm and peace that can make a great difference to your daily life.  If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get started with meditation, please think about getting Dr. Kilstein’s 10 Minutes to Bliss guided meditations.

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