How To Meditate

Differences in Meditation Techniques


Rinsai Zen Master, who lived back in the early 1200’s said that “The essence of sitting meditation is the nonproduction of a single thought” which he defines as “what is known as the original essence of the mind.”ᅠ

As we might expect, Japanese Rinzai Zen has a different take on “sitting Zen” ( zazen ) than Japanese Soto Zen.ᅠ It has the ring of a metaphor—not a rigid practice that is totally dependent upon putting the physical body into a sitting posture. ᅠ

Soto Zen meditation technique does require that in order to achieve enlightenment you must discipline yourself to sit in peaceful meditation for a long time. They believe that once you break away from the practices you are no longer enlightened. Only when you elevate your mind during meditation can you see above yourself. ᅠ

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