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Scandal Plagued Guru Teaching Meditation Techniques


An eye catching site with dozens of free meditation videos from Indian guru Nithyananda. Each video is over 25 minutes so there is a lot to watch and learn from. Along with meditation techniques, the discussion and teachings of Nithyananda will guide you through your journey. You will want to come back to this site, bookmark it.

Meditation Technique to give Intensity. 31.47. Using Love and Anger to fall in – Technique & Meditation Meditation Technique for Merging onto Yourself

Nithyananda has been a victim of violent persecution and imprisonment in his own country for sexual abuse. However he is considered to be a spiritual genius, enlightened by an early age, with many followers around the world. I learned so much from just one of these videos that I can strongly recommend you take a break and tune out for 30 minutes.

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