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Dispelling Negativity Through Meditation


Letting go of negativityDo you have a constant dark cloud over your head that’s made even worse by the deluge of problems and worries? Letting go of negativity is definitely easier said than done. It is by no means easy to kill negativity and meditation is perhaps the best solution to put an end to it whenever the same dark cloud comes around again.

Here’s how you can deal with all the negativity through meditation:

1. Stop clinging to negative thoughts.

Perhaps you don’t realize it yourself, but cherishing these negative thoughts are precisely what’s bogging you down. The more you entertain them and the resultant self-pity and damaged pride that go along with it, the more you become a victim of your negative frame of mind.

2. Make a choice to be happy.


Sri Chimnoy could not have said it more eloquently:

Do you want to be always happy?

Then give up fighting

For negativity

And learn the beautiful art

Of self-encouragement.

Ultimately, being happy is a choice. Every negative thought that crawls in your mind is by your own choice and permission. If you really want to achieve happiness, the first thing you need to do is choose happiness amidst the backdrop of negativity and destructive thoughts.

3. Surround yourself with positive people.

The more you hang out with negative people, the more likely you are to revel in your negativity. The best antidote, really, is to be with people who are positive and who engage in uplifting activities. This will help you forget, and even overcome, your negative state of mind.

4. Don’t accept negative thoughts from other people.

There will always be people who will refuse to believe in you, put you down, and criticize you. The solution, as it happens, is to turn away from their world view and find the positive view in every dilemma.

5. Let go and breathe deeply.

More than anything, the best cure to negativity is to understand and instill in yourself the art of meditation. Contrary to what people think, meditation is more than just relaxation; it’s about broadening your perspective in life, moving to a deeper state of consciousness, and discover your inner source of happiness. It’s definitely not easy, but it’s a lesson worth learning, if only so you can finally conquer negativity.

6. Act upon the negativity.

Instead of being idle and doing nothing, act upon the problem. Letting your fears take over you will do nothing to take your problems away, but will even let you sink further into despair. Devise a plan, and work your way against the odds.

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