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Doctors Recommend Alternative Treatments Like Meditation and Yoga


This post is a grouping of three articles on the same topic. We are seeing an increase in the number of patients who are seeing traditional western doctors being referred to some form of alternative treatments. Either yoga, deep breathing, accupuncture, massage therapy even meditation techniques are being recommended more regularly. To read the original articles, scroll down and click the link directly below.

 Doctors Referring More Patients for Yoga and Meditation Techniques 

The most common techniques prescribed? Deep breathing classes were number one, followed by meditation, yoga, and progressive muscle relaxation. All work on reducing the stress response, which research suggests can help reduce chronic pain and other

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Physician Referrals for Meditation Techniques and  Altrnative Therapies Becoming Mainstream

More physicians are suggesting yoga, meditation and other mind body therapies for their patients, finds a new study. A new study from from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and Harvard Medical School researchers found one in 30 American have

 If you use mind-body therapies as yoga, tai chi, meditation and deep-breathing exercises, you are among a growing number of Americans. In 2007, 38 percent of people in the US reported using complementary and alternative ABC News

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Hospitals, Medical Centers Offering Meditation Techniques and More

(Getty Images) Health care providers are increasingly suggesting that their patients look to meditation and other integrative techniques to improve their health, according to a report released Monday by Harvard Medical School and published in the
ABC News

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This is good news for millions of people who have not been helped by traditional treatments. The more we can integrate the current technolgy with the knowledge and practices of the past, the more benefits there are to the patients. For example; By combining chemo and meditation techniques with massage therapy a patient can truly receive the best possible care and may require less medication.


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