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Ease Arthritis Symptoms with Meditation


seniors-meditating-3.2Pain is never easy to handle particularly physical pain. Arthritis is one of the most common pains many of us might experience especially when we are getting older. The word arthritis comes from the Greek arthron meaning “joint” and the Latin itis meaning “inflammation“. It is really hard to deal with this intense kind of pain. However, there are many ways to deal with this situation. Handling pain can be very frustrating, but it could be easier if you know how to relax yourself. The proper way of handling the pain inside is by not thinking of it too much. Mind over matter as experts say. Following these steps can ease the pain for a time:

1.                  Keep calm. Never react in way that it triggers more pain. Be in a still position so that the affected part wouldn’t ache a lot. Experts say that the proper way of approaching the pain is by being still or calm. Steady your breath by doing a couple of breathing exercises.

2.                  Breathe while slowly relaxing the part that is aching. Exercising it slowly may help decrease pain. It may also help you to flex the part that is severely aching. Physical therapy plus clearing up your mind helps your body to properly function.

3.                  Taking medications is necessary, but the best medicine starts within you. Prescriptions help you neutralize the pain that runs through the part of your body. However, natural remedies such as having a clear mind and relaxing your body also alleviate pain and help you endure it. It may not last long, but the proper handling of the body part can and will efficiently heal you.

Pain inside the body is really hard to endure, especially severe ones. One of the possible choices we can opt for is to turn to solutions that are organic or those that comes naturally from us. Relaxing both the body and the mind is a basic but effective step in reducing pain, especially for those who have arthritis. A joint that undergoes inflammation needs proper care. Aside from the physical therapy, mental awareness is also beneficial. Putting your mind at ease with what hurts you helps overcomes it. It may not be easy but slowly practicing it will do the trick. You must make a conscious decision to help your own body and cope with the pain it experiences. Constantly thinking about the pain will only make you anxious. Anxiety does not help. Relax, exercise, and free your mind- remember these and you’ll be fully equipped to handle pain.

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