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Embrace Your Meditation Type


Standing Meditation is an option for many

If you’d like to meditate but feel like you start to break a sweat in nervous anticipation of sitting in one position for more than a minute, then you want to listen to what Sarah McLean says on  Sarah is a meditation teacher and an author, living in Sedona, Arizona.  She explains that if you concentrate on being fully present in a moment, engaging your senses and pay attention, any activity can become a meditative experience.

When you are mindful of the ‘now’ and keep yourself from thinking of trivial things, like what you had for breakfast or if you paid a bill, you can get into a calm state that leads to a meditative state no matter what you are doing.  Will your mind drift? Sure it will. But if you stick with it you will see the results you are looking for.  But don’t fight it – go with your personality to find a meditation modality that works for you.

Embrace Your Meditation Type

If you’re a foodie…savor each bite. Focus on a small morsel, such as a raisin, strawberry, or nut, and notice its shape, size, color, texture, and scent. Place it on your tongue, enjoying the flavor and keeping it in your mouth for as long as you can, at least 20 seconds. Chew slowly. “By turning your focus inward and concentrating on sensations such as taste and smell, eating can feel like a new, exciting experience,” says McLean.

If you’re athletic…take a hike. Try walking for 10 minutes without the iPod. As you stroll (no rushing!), stare at the ground about three feet in front of you. Notice the sound of your breath, focus on the physical sensation of the air on your skin, observe the texture of the ground in front of you. “Over time, walking meditations can train your brain to better focus on the here and now,” McLean says.  (Read more here)

Can you see how these activities can be changed and charged with your intent?  If you love artistic things, you can use candles and if you love words, then a mantra might be the way to go for you.  Take a good look at the kind of person you are and honor that.  There are lots of ways to meditate and you can find one that works for you. It may take a little time, but the benefits are worth it!

You can also try to talk to others online or in meditation centers in your area for suggestions or tips on how to find the right ‘type’ for you.  It’s out there!


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