How To Meditate

Energy – Light Practice


This is a well done video for beginners, the easier the better when you are just starting to learn meditation techniques or yoga of any kind. If this first practice feels good to you, then continue to let go of stress and confusion and focus on the lightness and joy in the world.

In this short sequence, Neesha will show you how to draw in from the periphery to engage “Muscle Energy” and extend out through the core …

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Enjoy this lovely meditation video and use what you learn there to find peace. Fighting off the thoughts that ramble through your mind while you are just trying to be calm and quiet, is a common feeling. Imagine your thoughts are like a puppy learning to sit for the first time. No one expects the pup to sit and stay the first time. Puppies need to be reminded, reset to the place you want them to be.


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