Meditation for emotional healing

Finding Inner Peace


1400722453052_inner-peaceIt’s no doubt that stress can have an impact not only on your health but in everything you do, especially the achievement of your personal goals. If you are at a crucial point in your personal life or your career, and you simply can do no wrong, you may find the stress build up in you and result in self-sabotage. A clearer understanding of your self is in order. Many find peace in meditation, claiming it can reduce their stress significantly, and help improve their lifestyles as well. This has basis in no less than science: meditation not only helps lower blood pressure but also boosts the immune system. However, many find it hard to get into the meditation mood, so what alternative ways can you use in order to achieve the calmness meditation brings?

    Here are some easy and simple ways for you to get “into the zone”

·         Surround yourself with positive energy.

Look in that mirror with your morning face and give yourself a few compliments. “Hey, beautiful” can set you up for a whole day of happiness! Whenever negative thoughts come creeping in, remember to focus on the positive and remind yourself of the compliments that you deserve.

·          Go for a short stroll.

Let the sun touch your face, smile at some random strangers, and feel the buzz of the city life go through you like static. This will certainly give you a deeper sense of appreciation about what’s around you–which will inevitably give you a sense of calmness.

·         Invite your family and friends over.

More than immersing yourself in positive energy alone, get to do it with people closest to your heart. Be with the people you love, and you will in one way or another find peacefulness through them.

·         Set the mood.

Serenity is often found in solitude. Being by yourself means freeing yourself of pressure from expectations of people around you. So turn off the lights, light the candles up (add some aroma sticks, if you’d like), and soak in the stillness of the world.

·         Feel the quiet.

You’re all alone, in a room with lighting conditions that allow for reflection, and forget about your troubles and the noise of the city. Let the silence fill your veins and let loose—seek your peace. Because after all the bustle of the world, all you really need is some quality alone time in your thoughts.

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