Meditation Techniques

Finding Your Inner Picasso


1406752287601_using-art-as-meditationNowadays wherein almost everything has already been done, or simply redone, finding good creative foundation can prove to be difficult. Fear, anxiety and many other things are what usually cloud your vision and keep you from channeling your most creative self. So how do you clear your head of these bad and irrelevant thoughts? The answer is simple: meditation.

Meditation is practice to sway your mind into a healthy state and a peaceful state as well. The best type of art is the one we connect with the most. They come from a deep and longing place and not many artists have full access to this side of them. One way to tap into this more is by including meditation in your creative process.

There are a great number of reasons to practice this; here are a few of them:


·         Cleans out your cluttered mind.

First thing’s first. It’s time for a good clean-up. Sweep away all the unwanted thoughts that won’t do you any good and make space for new ones. Take out all the unoriginal and not so innovative ideas to help you start forming new ones. A clean mind functions best and can give you the right mind set to start conceptualizing.


·         Piecing out the puzzle.

Great ideas don’t just come that easily. More than often, they come from piecing little fragments together to form “the big one”. Meditation helps speed up this process of forming the image in your head and equips you with just enough energy to execute it as well. You can’t pressure creative outputs, they need to come naturally and with a huge deal of patience. Meditating can bring out both in you.


·         It pushes you to keep going.

There will be those off-days wherein you just can’t seem to make anything that will pass your standards. Stop and breathe for a quick second, shut your inner critic up and focus on things that make you happy. Once you have, do those things (may it be writing, singing, or anything that relaxes you), and even if they are less than what you’re expected of, it will still unwind and help you fill your creative juices.


·         Keeps your mind open and ready for new things.

Meditation opens your mind and frees your thoughts to wander where they may want to be. This is one of the very beneficial things you could gain in practicing this. As an artist, you want to try out new things and experiment with different mediums and methods. So keep your mind open for new possibilities, and you can reach this to its full extent through effective meditation!

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