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Finger Healing: Ancient “Position” For Super-Fast Healing

Finger Healing - lost manuscript

Finger Healing - lost manuscript Remember the ancient manuscript that was supposed to
be impossible to find?

On another post, I told you about how I beat the odds and found
a long-lost copy.

I started reading it, but I didn’t understand half of it!

I thought it was supposed to be in English, but I couldn’t
believe what I was reading…

So I put it back on the shelf and left it for a few days.

But my curiosity got the best of me, and eventually it paid off.

I managed to decode the secrets that would “destroy all diseases.”

I can see why the authors of the manuscript kept this a secret.

But it’s too powerful NOT to share with people who need help and

The Finger Healing symbols that I’ve been practicing and
sharing can be exponentially multiplied by positioning the
whole body as well as your fingers.

So if you’re already practicing the Finger Healing symbols,
doing them in this position can bring much more intense
results in much faster time.

Finger Healing: Ancient Position

Try this, but don’t be afraid to do some stretching:

Sit on the floor with both legs straight ahead.

Grab the left heel and pull it inward so that the heel is
resting between your legs.

If you can’t get it all the way, try as far as you can
without overstretching.

Next, stretch your body down toward your right foot.

Reach as far as you can toward the toe: knee, calf, ankle–
as far as you can reach.

Breathe long, slow, and deep for about one minute.

Then, let go of your right leg and raise your body up slowly,
leaving your left leg in position.

Place your hands in the Finger Healing symbol of your choice
and hold it for three minutes.

The best symbols to use with this position are available
exclusively by clicking here:

This extra dimension to Finger Healing amazed me when I tried
it with the symbols in the DVD set.

I instantly felt the most powerful, intense, healing energy
running through my entire body.

Want to get that same great feeling and bring positive changes
into your life at the same time?

It all starts here:

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