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Finger Healing For Energy – Energy Mudra


finger healing for energy

finger healing for energy 2Many of Dr. Kilstein’s clients use finger healing for energy. Energy mudra exercises are really very common in the East, and becoming much better known here in the Western world.

Here’s the kind of emails we often get from people using Fingerhealing.

Finger Healing For Energy
Energy Mudra

From: “Paul G. Druett”
Date: October 28, 2011 9:53:06 AM EDT
To: “Dr. Harlan Kilstein” <>
Subject:Re: Finger Healing: Sleep Better Tonight

Hi Harlan, long time no read…..

I was whatching a Swedish documentary on Norwegian TV, this guy is traveling around Japan and he ends up at a spa.

In the tub with him is a man doing finger exercises!

He looks realy serene.
He has both of his hands pointing to the sky.
His little finger and ring finger are touching and bending so that the thumb is resting on the nails.
The two remaining fingers are pointing straight up. Elbows into the body.
In seconds you can feel the energy rotating in the hand and as I turn my palms feel feel good glowing enrgy.
I get a tremendious feeling of power running through my hands and I have been pointing my fingers towards my eyes that are failing. My eyesight has been improving using this. It also has helped whilst having dental work to relieve pain. I am experimenting with this and my friends says it gives them wonderful warmth in their hands too.
Using my Allergy finger healing is making me less sensative to certain things which is a boon to living in this dusty world.
Have a good weekend.
Peace to u and yours.


Try this simple finger healing for energy – Energy Mudra.  It will boost your energy more than filling yourself up with coffee, energy drinks, or energy shots.

Try it for yourself … you will feel a slight subtle tingling in your fingers if you are doing it correctly.

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